We strive to enhance employees' awareness of CSR, by establishing MIZUNO's Ethical Standards.

To fulfill their social corporate responsibility, companies need to ensure that every employee complies with laws and regulations and corporate ethics in all business activities.
Regarding compliance with laws and corporate ethics as a top priority for the promotion of CSR, MIZUNO has adopted its own "Ethical Standards" and "Code of Conduct," so that all its employees can carry out their work based on common values and standards of behavior.
To maintain these principles, we make continuous efforts to provide our employees with education and training to enhance their awareness of compliance.

In addition these"'Ethical Standards"and "Code of Conduct"were integrated to the "Mizuno Ethical Standards"in May,2014, including the additional contents of the corporate social responsibility which should be achieved.

Mizuno Corporation Ethical Standards

Officers and employees of Mizuno Corporation and its Group companies are conscious of the social responsibility of the corporation and act with due diligence to achieve the following:

  1. 1.Contribution to society
    1. 1) Realizing our management concept of "Contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports."
    2. 2) Making a positive contribution to the development of our economy, society, environment, sports and culture, thus adding to the development of international society, as well as meeting the requirements of our stockholders through creating revenue.
  2. 2.Compliance
    1. 1) Confirming that the company creates revenue by complying with social standards and ethics and observing all applicable laws and international regulations.
    2. 2) Ensuring actions by our corporation and its employees are consistent with the standard provided for by applicable laws. The company shall never be the cause of behavior contrary to social standards.
  3. 3.Providing quality products and services
    1. 1) Endeavoring to supply products and services that add value for our customers.
    2. 2) Unceasingly striving to ensure the utmost safety of our products.
  4. 4.Preservation of the natural environment
    1. 1) Strive to develop and provide environmentally-conscious products /services.
    2. 2) Conduct business activities with global environmental protection in mind and strive for energy and resource conservation as well as pollution prevention, and waste product reduction.
    3. 3) Establish and maintain an environment management system, and strive for its continual improvement.
  5. 5.Sensitive information
    1. 1) Thoroughly manage confidential information to prevent leaks, and do not illegally obtain confidential information of other companies.
    2. 2) The rules and regulations for any and all information received must be abided by and safe handling must be maintained as well as improved, whether it be private or work related personal information, images, written work etc.
    3. 3) Not engaging in insider trading.
  6. 6.Intellectual property
    1. 1) Implementing thorough measures for protecting intellectual property created by the company.
    2. 2) Respecting all third party intellectual property and not infringing on the intellectual property rights of others.
  7. 7.Consideration of stakeholders
    1. 1) Promoting cooperation with stakeholders and endeavoring to actively endorse a positive dialogue with them.
    2. 2) Disclosing our corporate information to stakeholders in an appropriate and timely manner.
    3. 3) Endeavoring to maintain close contact with, and contribute to, our local community.
  8. 8.Responding to organizations endangering society
    1. 1) Not allowing organizations endangering society to profit from the company's activities.
    2. 2) Never accepting unfair demands from organizations endangering society.
  9. 9.Working conditions and workplace environment
    1. 1) Complying with laws and regulations concerning labor including working conditions.
    2. 2) Endeavoring to maintain and improve a safe and sanitary working environment.
    3. 3) Requiring our suppliers to comply with labor laws and regulations and to provide a safe and sanitary working environment.
  10. 10.Respecting human rights
    1. 1) Respect the human rights and diversity of all people.
    2. 2) Not partaking in any discriminative activities, sexual harassment, persecution or mistreatment.
    3. 3) Not employing forced or child labor.
    4. 4) Guaranteeing the laborer's right to join a labor union and the right to negotiate with management.
    5. 5) Ensuring equal opportunity for employment.
    6. 6) Ensuring that employees who reports wrongful acts or breach of laws or regulations will not suffer any disadvantage.
  11. 11.Gifts and entertainment
    1. 1) Not giving unlawful gifts or offering questionable entertainment.
    2. 2) Not giving any gifts or offering entertainment which deviates from normal social practices or general business standards.
  12. 12.Promoting fair competition
    1. 1) Not making unreasonable or inappropriate requirements to our vendors and customers.
    2. 2) Complying with fair trade, fair competition and anti-monopoly laws and regulations.
    3. 3) Accurately displaying quality, content and other information for our products and services.
  13. 13.Enhancing corporate culture
    1. 1) Endeavoring to foster a corporate culture which values fair play, amity and friendly competition and to not permit any unfair acts.
    2. 2) Thoroughly employing a personnel system based on merit and establish a vigorous organization by fair evaluation and the appropriate placement of human resources.
    3. 3) Complying with this Mizuno Corporation Code of Conduct, ceaselessly promoting reformation and improvement and endeavoring to enhance our business structure by undertaking stringent self-regulation and internal assistance efforts.