Enjoy running. Run stoically.
Break a record.
MIZUNO evolves its shoes as well as being actively involved in international competitions to support endeavours of a wide range of runners.

This year, MIZUNO's Runbird Shoes celebrate the 30th anniversary of its sales (the first release is in 1983).
The 16th model of the Wave Rider series has also been released. Wave Rider is the very first model to which MIZUNO's representative shoes technology; MIZUNO Wave, was introduced. MIZUNO's running shoes have been highly regarded and penetrated the markets steadily.
"MIZUNO Running Series" has been sponsoring international competitions held in major cities, such as Osaka, Milan, and Amsterdam. MIZUNO also actively supports a wide range of local races, such as half marathons and 10K races which general runners enjoy participating in.
We also opened the very first "MIZUNO Running Station" to develop a new market in Shanghai, China.
MIZUNO has been enjoying strong sales of running shoes globally, mainly in North America, and its sales has increased by nearly 20% from last year.