• 2020.7.1



Today, Mizuno reveals the MIZUNO ENERZY material, a newly developed high-resilience sole material for shoes.

Mizuno Enerzy Collage

It enables the energy generated when contacting the ground to be compressed while using its softness to bounce back with minimal energy loss.

This new material consists of three types: “MIZUNO ENERZY CORE,” “MIZUNO ENERZY LITE,” and “MIZUNO ENERZY”.

The new material “MIZUNO ENERZY” has been developed by making use of the knowledge of resilience gained through the development of tools in categories other than the shoes category, which includes baseball and golf. 

On July 1, “THE MIZUNO ENERZY,” a concept model featuring the new material “MIZUNO ENERZY”, will be on limited sale on the Mizuno official online shop.

Going forward, the new material “MIZUNO ENERZY” will be applied to a wide range of shoes including competition shoes for athletics, volleyball and running shoes. 

The new material “MIZUNO ENERZY” consists of the following three types to meet the needs of different characteristics of competitions and games

MIZUNO ENERZY CORE-  Excellent softness and resilience

MIZUNO ENERZY LITE- Extra lightness, softtness and resilience

MIZUNO ENERZY- Used in a wide range of applications

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