• 2019.6.4

Mizuno New Training Shoes

Balance is Strength

MIZUNO COB transmits accurate information to the soles of your feet by a combination of attaching Activation bumps to the surface of the midsoles, and the specific design of the outsole. MIZUNO COB aims to increase foot sensitivity and improve balance capabilities and reaction speed.MIZUNO C.O.B. (Center of Balance) technology MIZUNO COB technology is designed to improve reaction speed and balancing capabilities as part of a consistent training routine.  TTraining shoes featuring the MIZUNO COB technology can increase foot sensitivity, and may contribute to improved balance and improved reaction time speed in athletes.  MIZUNO COB technology accurately transmits information to the soles of the feet via activation bumps molded into the surface of the midsoles that are inked to with the design of the outsole.

The effects on performance

Mizuno carried out a joint study with Dr. Benno Nigg and Sandro Nigg, CEO of Biomechanigg Sport & Health Research.
They are biomechanics specialists, and confirmed the effects of training while wearing shoes equipped with MIZUNO COB technology. As a result, Mizuno was able to confirm a significant improvement in foot sensitivity with potential trends for athletes training in footwear using MIZUNO COB technology to increase their balance capabilities and/or reaction speed.
Test results show that the transmission of accurate sensory information to the soles of the feet had a significant effect and potential to enhance athletic performance.
As a result of a series of comparative tests, it was found that training with MIZUNO COB improves body balance capabilities through improved sensory responses in the foot, thus increasing opportunity for improved performance. The following test results confirm these findings.




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