• 2023.2.24


Connecting athletes and artists

Mizuno publishes the "Mizuno NFT Collection" as digital data (NFT) in hopes that it will connect athletes and artists with a new approach to sports. Athletes and their gear will continue to be recorded by people around the world without fading away in the future.

Purchase Flow (Auction)

STEP 1: Set Up a Cryptocurrency Account

In this auction, you will bid/buy using cryptocurrency. Please open a cryptocurrency account first.

STEP 2: Wallet Preparation

A wallet is required to manage your NFTs and cryptocurrency. MIZUNO NFT COLLECTION will be sold at "OpenSea", the world's largest NFT marketplace where NFTs can be purchased. Please make sure to prepare a cryptocurrency wallet corresponding to OpenSea. (We recommend MetaMask https://metamask.io/download/)

Once your wallet is ready, please transfer the amount of cryptocurrency (ETH) to be used for the auction from your cryptocurrency account. Commissions and gas fees may be required when buying/selling on the NFT Market.

STEP 3: Wallet Connection

When bidding and purchasing our NFTs, you will need to access OpenSea and connect to your wallet. After clicking your profile icon on OpenSea, you will be asked to connect your wallet. Please connect the wallet prepared at Step 2.

STEP 4: Convert ETH to wETH

You must swap (convert) your ETH to wETH to bid in this auction.
(Specifications as of JAN/23/2023. Please refer to OpenSea's specifications for details).
Please swap from the function of your wallet.

STEP 5: Bid on Auction

You have now prepared the wETH needed for auction at OpenSea.
Please proceed with bidding your desired NFT.

STEP 6: Highest Bid Wins

The highest bid at the end of each auction will win the auction.
If the bidding price is 1wETH or over, the NFT will be transferred automatically.
If under 1wETH, NFT will be transferred at a later date.
(1 Feb, 2023 specification. Please refer to the OpenSea specifications)


Purchase Q&A


Mizuno has created the MIZUNO NFT COLLECTION as a new approach to sports to gather the interest of a wide range of people by connecting sports, art, athlete, and gear. We issue our wish for athletes and sports gear to continue to be treasured and respected by people all around the world as digital data (NFT).

Q: What is NFT

NFT is a digital token (voucher) issued on the blockchain with no substitutability.

Q: What is blockchain?

A blockchain is a distributed database or ledger that is shared among the nodes of a computer network. As a database, a blockchain stores information electronically in a digital format. Blockchains are best known for their crucial role in cryptocurrency systems, such as Bitcoin, for maintaining a secure and decentralized record of transactions. 

Q: How can I purchase "MIZUNO NFT COLLECTION"?

MIZUNO NFT COLLECTION will bid and buy with cryptocurrency. Please see the purchase flow for details.

Q: Are there any other costs involved in the purchase other than the NFT price?

GAS fee is required to purchase NFT at OPENSEA, especially for the following actions.
●When purchasing NFTs
●When transferring (or donating) NFTs to another person
●When canceling bids
●When converting WETH to ETH (or vice versa)

Q: Do I need to register my personal information?

It is not required to bid on NFT auctions but may be required to register with an exchange or other service to purchase ETH or to create a wallet. Please check each service you use for details.

Q: Can a minor purchase NFTs?

Minors are not eligible to purchase.

Q: Can I return the NFTs after purchase?

No cancellations, returns, or refunds are allowed under any circumstances.

Q: Is there any possibility of resale?

The identical NFTs to be sold at this time are not resold.

Q: Can I resell (transfer) NFTs after purchased?

You may transfer or resale the purchased NFT, but Mizuno Corporation will not be responsible for those transactions.

Q: How can I prove if it is authentic?

All NFT transactions are recorded on the blockchain and can be viewed on OpenSea.
The contract address of the "MIZUNO NFT COLLECTION" collection is (0xD137eE7FEaeD91b6D83f1c6Aa1830e20D4d227c6), so please check the contract address of the NFT you purchased on the Blockchain Explorer* or OpenSea and confirm that it matches the above address.

You can prove the authenticity of the NFT by checking the contract address of the NFT you purchased on Blockchain Explorer* or OpenSea and confirming that it matches the above address.

Blockchain Explorer is a search engine that allows you to search, confirm, and verify transactions made on the blockchain.

Q: Can I disclose the fact that I purchased NFT on Socoial Media?

No problem.

Q: Is there a contact for inquiries about this sale?

Please contact MIZUNO Customer Service.


Terms of Sale

Mizuno Corporation ("Mizuno"), defines the terms of sale ("Terms") for NFT ("NFT") sold on the MIZUNO NFT COLLECTION website ("this site") as follows:

•The purchaser of NFT (including those who purchase NFT in the secondary distribution market) ("Purchaser") is deemed to have agreed to the contents of these terms and the OpenSea agreement (https://opensea.io/tos); however, in the event that the Purchaser acquires NFT from the holder of NFT, the Sale Terms set forth on the platform used for the relevant transaction shall apply.

•By purchasing NFT, the Purchaser receives  a license to perform the following personal and non-commercial acts with respect to the NFT purchased and owned by the relevant Purchase (“this license”):
1. to view, display or play any image or video associated with the NFT ("Images")
2. to announce the fact that you have purchased the NFT on social networking services and other platforms;
3. to set Images as Purchaser’s own SNS or Metaverse icon.
4. to transfer the NFT and this license to a third party in a secondary distribution market; and 
5. any other rights established by Mizuno on this Site or OpenOffice.

•Purchasing the NFT does not give the Purchaser any copyright or other intellectual property rights related to the Images, except for the limited use rights expressly set forth in these Terms.

•The Purchaser must not perform the following acts with regard to the NFT:

1. use the NFT for commercial purposes; 
2. acts or omissions that violate any laws or regulations, or constitute criminal activities in any jurisdiction;
3. use the NFT for any specific claims relating to politics, religion, or any ideology, faith, or creed;
4. engage in any unauthorized reproduction or alteration of Images or any other act that infringes copyrights, moral rights, or other intellectual property rights related to the Images; 
5. any act that damages the image or reputation of Mizuno or any person or entity that has legitimate rights to the data associated with or forming part of the NFT;
6. any act that imposes an excessive load on Mizuno's network or systems, or any act that involves illegal access to, or attempts to illegally access, such network or systems;
7. other acts Mizuno reasonably deems inappropriate.

•The Purchaser may transfer the NFT to a third party, with or without consideration. However, in the event of any transfer, the Purchaser shall explain these Terms clearly to the third party transferee and ensure that the third party transferee accepts and agrees to be bound by and comply with all of these Terms. Upon transfer, this license held by the Purchaser shall be transferred to the third party to such transfer, and the Purchaser shall lose this license.

•If the NFT is transferred to a third party using OpenSea, any royalties due on NFT for which Mizuno has established royalties (please note that royalty terms are set forth separately on this site or on OpenSea, outside these Terms) shall be paid to Mizuno.

•Mizuno will not sell NFTs linked to the same data linked to this NFT. However, it is possible that Mizuno may sell NFTs that link data based on persons, products, events, or other factors that are the same as those on which the data linked to this NFT is based (including without limitation differently colored versions of this NFT) in the future.

•Minors or persons under the age of legal majority in the Purchaser's country or region cannot purchase NFT.

•The Purchaser can not cancel the purchase of the NFT or request a return or refund, except as expressly permitted by applicable law.

•Mizuno is not responsible for any unavailability of this site or OpenSea due to maintenance, accidents, or other causes beyond Mizuno’s actual and reasonable control in the absence of willful misconduct or gross negligence of Mizuno.

•Mizuno is not responsible for any changes to the asset value of the NFT.

•Even if the Purchaser cannot use the NFT due to loss of or damage to third-party content such as Metamask, blockchain, NFT (private key), hardware such as computers and smartphones used by the Purchaser, or any other reasons, Mizuno shall not have any responsibility for such inability, failure to use, loss, or damage in the absence of willful misconduct or gross negligence of Mizuno. 

•In no event shall Mizuno be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or other similar damages, or for special, punitive, or other similar damages of any kind in the absence of willful misconduct or gross negligence of Mizuno. In addition, Mizuno is responsible only for the granting of this license and does not make any guarantees regarding the NFT itself in the absence of willful misconduct or gross negligence of Mizuno.

•Purchaser must comply with these Terms and all other applicable laws and regulations, including without limitation tax laws and duties, related to the purchase of the NFT in the country or region where the Purchaser is located.

•Subject to applicable law or regulation, Mizuno reserves the right to limit the sale of this NFT to any person, geographic region or jurisdiction.

•Subject to applicable laws and regulations, Mizuno reserves the right to restrict the sale of the NFT to any person, country and/or region.

•Mizuno reserves the right to refuse to sell NFT to the Purchaser and to cancel a purchase transaction even after the conclusion of these Terms, in the event that there is or may be a conflict with laws and regulations.

•If the Purchaser breaches these Terms, all rights granted to the Purchaser under these Terms shall be and become null and void, immediately and automatically, without notice or demand. Should this occur, the Purchaser shall stop using all of the NFT immediately, and the Purchaser may not request or demand that Mizuno refund the cost of the purchase or reimburse the Purchaser for the value of the NFT.

•Mizuno reserves the right to change these Terms as necessary, without obtaining the prior consent of the Purchaser. In the event of any such changes, Mizuno shall provide notice of the changed Terms and the effective date of the amendment in a manner that Mizuno deems appropriate, and the amended Terms shall become effective with regard to the Purchaser on the effective date announced by Mizuno.

•These Terms are written in Japanese and translated into English. The Japanese text constitutes the original Terms, and the English text is provided for reference purposes only. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the two versions of the Terms, the Japanese language version shall prevail.

•These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

•Any dispute arising under these Terms will be adjudicated in the Osaka District Court.


Redeemable NFT Rights Exercise Terms

Mizuno Corporation (“Mizuno”) establishes the following terms regarding the exercise of the right to request delivery (the “Right”) of a Redeemable NFT (the NFT being sold on this site with the Right to request delivery of an actual product (the “Product”) represented by the NFT, the “NFT”) sold on the MIZUNO NFT COLLECTION site (the “Site”).

If the NFT is transferred to a third party in the secondary distribution market, the Right will also be transferred to the purchaser along with the NFT.

•The holder of the NFT (including anyone who purchases and holds the NFT in the secondary distribution market, the “Holder”) can request delivery of the Product by exercising the Right in accordance with these Terms. 

•The Right will be exercised by the Holder applying to Mizuno for delivery of the Product in accordance with these Terms (the “Application”). 

•The Application can be made within the period separately stated on the Site or OpenSea. The Holder cannot make the Application under any circumstances outside of that period, except in cases where the Application was not made due to Mizuno’s intentional or gross negligence. Mizuno is under no obligation to respond to the Application outside of that period.

•Based on the Application, the Holder must satisfy the following conditions in order to receive delivery of the Product.
1.The necessary information for delivery must be entered in the application form (the “Application Form”) that will be added to the Site after the sale of the NFT.
2.The Holder who makes the Application must hold the NFT until delivery of the Product is completed.
3.The address entered in the Application Form must not pose any logistical, legal, or other issues that would interfere with the delivery of the NFT or the ship or other delivery of the Product.

•The Application will be deemed accepted when Mizuno confirms the Application Form has been submitted properly in accordance with these Terms. In addition, if Mizuno determines that the applicant who made the Application is not the legal Holder of the NFT, or if the applicant does not satisfy the conditions in the preceding paragraph, the Application will not be accepted.

•Mizuno will begin manufacturing the Product after the Application has been accepted. Therefore, the Holder of the NFT must accept that it will take a reasonable period of time to manufacture and ship the Product from the time the Application is made until the delivery of the Product.

•Mizuno shall bear the delivery fees for the Product.

•The specifications of the Product will be stated separately on the Site or on OpenSea.

•Mizuno does not make any kinds of representations or warranties about the Product (including warranties of title, non-infringement of the rights of third parties, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and warranties arising out of a course of performance, course of dealing, or usage of trade, etc.).

•The Holder has the right to request the return or replacement of the Product only if the Product as delivered does not conform to the specifications stated on the Site or on OpenSea, or otherwise as permitted by law. If there are no obvious and material defects based on the applicable specifications, or if the request is based on dissatisfaction with the material, workmanship, or quality of the Product (including such cases as dissatisfaction that the size of the Product does not fit the Holder, etc.), the Holder cannot request the return or exchange of the Product.

•In the case that an event such as a natural disaster, transport disruption, war, riot, civil strife, other force majeure, enactment, revision or abolition of laws and regulations, order or disposition by a public authority, industrial action, disruption of transport facilities or communication lines, and other causes that cannot be attributed to any party occurs, Mizuno’s obligation to deliver the Product will be extended for the duration of the event, and if such event affects Mizuno’s obligation to deliver the Product, Mizuno will make delivery after the end of the event. Even if the Site or OpenSea indicates an estimated delivery period, Mizuno does not guarantee that the delivery will be completed within the said period.

•If the Application is made and accepted by Mizuno, thereafter, the Right in respect of the NFT will be forfeited and the Holder of the NFT (including anyone who purchases the NFT in the secondary distribution market after the Application is made) will no longer have the right to make the Application. The Holder or anyone who purchases the NFT shall investigate and confirm whether the Right in respect of the NFT remains at their own responsibility. After acceptance of the Application, Mizuno will not be obligated to re-enable the Application or re-provide the Product or be responsible for not providing the Product. Furthermore, in the event that the Application is accepted and the Right in respect of the NFT is forfeited, Mizuno shall state that effect on the website about the NFT of the Site as soon as possible.

•Mizuno will not be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or other indirect, special, punitive, or similar damages of any kind, except where Mizuno is willfully or grossly negligent. In addition, Mizuno assumes only responsibility for the delivery of the Product and assumes no responsibility for any other matters, except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of Mizuno.

•In addition to these terms, the Holder must comply with all laws and taxation systems related to the delivery of the Product applicable to the country or region in which the Holder is located.

•Subject to applicable laws or regulations, Mizuno reserves the right to limit delivery of the Product to any person, country, or region.

•Mizuno reserves the right to refuse delivery of the Product to the Holder and the right to cancel it even after the acceptance of the Application if it violates or is likely to violate applicable laws and regulations.

•Mizuno considers the protection of customer privacy to be extremely important and will appropriately manage the personal information received at the time of the Application (“Registered Information”) in accordance with its Privacy Protection Policy (https://corp.mizuno.com/jp/legal/privacy_policy). In principle, the purpose of use of Registered Information is limited to the following: 
(i) to deliver the Product to the customer;
(ii) to provide products and services that customers need;
(iii) to improve customer service; and
(iv) to notify customers of new products and services.

•Mizuno may change these Terms as necessary without obtaining the prior consent of the Holder. In this case, Mizuno will notify the content of the amended terms and the effective date of the change in a manner that Mizuno deems appropriate. Upon arrival of the effective date, the amended terms will take effect for the Holder.

•These terms are written in Japanese and translated into English, but the Japanese version is the original, and the English version has been prepared for reference purposes. In the event of any conflict between these two language versions, the Japanese version will prevail.

•These terms are governed by and interpreted in accordance with Japanese law.

•Regarding disputes based on these terms, the Osaka District Court will be the agreed court with exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.