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■FINA(International Swimming Federation)approved

■Inseam Length /26.3 cm (Size M)

※Due to the nature of the woven fabric and the high compression design, this swimsuit is different from other swimsuits and may take longer to wear.

Mizuno's GX/SONIC series of top lace swimwear is equipped with Flat Swim Technology, which is an evolution of Mizuno's proprietary low resistance fabric. The Sonic Light Ribtex II is an advanced version of Mizuno's proprietary low resistance fabric that reduces friction and weight. Dynamic analysis method "musculoskeletal simulation" adopted to design the lining area and cross-shaped support lines.

The Mizuno men's GX-Sonic IV MR technical suit is engineered for speed.
The Multi Racer (MR) model fully supports the lower body, offers mobility for various leg movements and offers moderate compression.

【Flat Swim Technology】
Supports muscles from the trunk and hamstrings to the buttocks, and significantly reduces water resistance by keeping a flat posture that reduce water resistance dramatically.

【Sonic Light Ribtex II】
New, fine grooves have been applied to the uneven surface structure of the SONIC LIGHT RIBTEX used in GX Sonic III; these reduce surface friction and resistance by about 2.6%. It is also about 3.2% lighter. (* a comparison with GX Sonic III in a study conducted by Toyo University)

【Sonic Line Design - X】
Large lining support area and cross-shaped tape design provides support around the sacrum (reducing most hamstring strains) and for internal hip rotations (further reducing muscle strain in the hamstrings and the quadriceps (in the front of the thigh)). Offers support for both up and down kicks, improves the feeling of fitting of the lining.

・Do not tumble dry.
・Due to special fabric and construction, coloring and texture will vary with each suit.
・Suits are constructed using a special method in which fabric edges are bonded with tape.
・This tape may stretch or break if pulled strongly or excessively, or if swimmer is wearing the improper size.
・Please use suggested sizing charts and select your swimsuit size carefully

Item code: N2MB9002
Color:  Blue